Janice Kyd is the visionary artist who gave birth to the Spirit Doorways Images.

I’m so happy that your path has led you here!

I am a visionary artist whose passion – and gift – is working with subtle energies in color, light and form. The drawings and photographs on this site are the result of a journey I have been on for the last 10 years. My original intention was to heal my body of an autoimmune disease; the unexpected result was the awakening of many new skills and talents.

Over the space of a year (2007), I was led to create a series of images that gradually – step-by-step – have become symbolic illustrations of my healing journey. They also reflect many of the lessons I’ve been learning along the way.

I now understand that these images have the power to help others as well. The archetypal and mythological themes contained within them act as portals that awaken physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual consciousness. They stimulate awareness, spark ahas, and raise energy. In the process, they enable each of us to more clearly recognize and tell the story of our own life journeys.

I invite you to join me on this path of discovery and would love to hear your stories as well.