About Janice

Beauty has been a major theme and guiding light my entire life.

As a child growing up on a ranch in Montana, I loved raising flowers in my garden in the summer. I was enchanted by the perfume of the magnificent lilac bush that bloomed in front of our house; the earthy smells of Flash, my pinto horse; the sage brush that blanketed the hills; and the scent of newly-mown hay on a summer’s day.

I spent hours drawing flowers, moths and butterflies and playing with vivid colors splashed on paper.

My childhood gave me time to contemplate the beauty of nature, the vast sky that changed continuously, the meaning of life. Who or what is Spirit? How can I become more aware of Its infinite essence?

After graduating from the University of Montana, I was soon drawn to the green lushness of Seattle. Five years later, the urge for change arose again. In 1980, I headed to Europe for as long as my money would last.

Finding a Home in Rome

My journey of exploration and discovery led first to Spain and then to Greece. After six months, I arrived in Rome and knew immediately I was home. The artistic beauty of its ancient architecture, its colors, shapes and scents, vibrated deeply within me.

After living in Rome for another six months, I met an Italian artist, Ettore de Conciliis, who painted exquisitely beautiful landscapes and still lifes. For 25 years I was privileged to be a part of his journey into becoming one of Italy’s most esteemed and internationally renowned artists.

During our time together, the passion for mystery and things unseen that had begun with my love of nature and the vast, open spaces of Montana led to a passion for working with subtle earth energies and hands-on healing. I studied and practiced meditation, Aura Soma color therapy, shamanism, Intuitive Feng Shui with William Spear and Energy Psychology.

Embarking on a Healing Journey

In 2002, I woke up one morning feeling a sensation of semi-numbness in both legs. My right ankle was weak and I had to be careful walking so that I didn’t trip and fall over.

I didn’t know it then, but my life was about to change direction. Drastically! Over the next few years I was slowly led, step by step, on a journey that would totally transform my life.

Because of my life-long interest in energy healing, I knew that unexpressed or hidden emotions are one of the underlying causes of major challenges in life, such as chronic illness. So I began an intense search for greater understanding. I wanted to know: What was the meaning behind this sudden problem in my life? What did I need to do or change in order to be healed?

In 2004, this search led me to Stephen and Lynda Kane, founders of the School of Energy Awareness in England. Almost immediately, I became a student in their Entry Path program and have continued to work with them ever since. Huge changes have occurred in my life as a direct result of practicing their techniques.

Awakening Visions from the Heart

In 2006, my journey to healing led me to return to the United States after 26 years in Italy, and begin a new life in Portland, Oregon. Eight months later, I discovered Deborah Merkle, a counselor trained in the Rubenfeld Synergy Method. Working with Deborah put me into a peaceful, relaxed state of consciousness. While in this state, I began to see images arising from deep within my own body. The powerful energies they contained created an overwhelming urge within me to draw them (using pastels and acrylics). Later on additional images also arose during meditation and in dreams.

I was gradually guided to create a deck of cards with 64 images. Later I was told in a dream that they were to be called Spirit Doorways. For the first time in many years my creativity, intuition, and inspiration began to awaken through the act of producing and then working with these powerful images. I am now in the process of writing a book about the journey I have been on and how I was inspired to create the Spirit Doorways cards and giclee prints.

This whole process has awakened many new talents and abilities within me. It has truly been a journey about learning how to listen—and then follow—my heart.

Creativity and Possibility

Recently I am being inspired to produce necklaces and earrings, playing with the endless variety of color, shape and form in the beads. I look forward to learning more about this artistic path and where it leads me.

I have created this website in order to be able to share many of the things I’ve learned – and am continuously learning – on this journey into creativity and possibility. I’m still following a path of healing as my weak leg is a daily challenge. But I’m profoundly grateful for what I’ve learned and the transformations I’ve been forced to make (often unwillingly!). There are so many ways to heal that include not only the body but also the mind, emotions, and above all, the Spirit.

Swan is an image of inspiration created by Janice Kyd.