The Art of Healing

Spirit Doorways

One morning in June 2002, I suddenly woke up numb from the waist down. After undergoing many tests, my neurologist informed me that I had numerous lesions on my brain and spinal cord that indicated Multiple Sclerosis.

After recovering slightly from the shock of literally having the ground pulled from under my feet, I decided to look for alternative ways to heal. I didn’t know how that would be accomplished but something within me believed it was possible. I began conducting intensive research and discovered that MANY people have healed themselves from MS by making profound dietary, mental, emotional and spiritual changes in their lives.

Since the initial diagnosis, my desire to heal has led me down many pathways and resulted in some major life changes. One of these was the decision to return to the United States (Portland, Oregon) after having lived in Rome, Italy, for 26 years.

I soon made major changes in my diet eliminating most grains, dairy, and sugar. I began to exercise at a gym three days a week and to receive regular acupuncture treatments. All of which have greatly  improved many of my symptoms.

Developing Body Awareness: The Spirit Doorway Images

Because I knew it was important to become aware of the thoughts and emotions behind my symptoms, I was soon led to a woman trained in Rubenfeld Synergy. This is a type of therapy in which individuals focus on their body while they are in a relaxed, altered state of consciousness. During the very first session, I began to see images arising from deep within my body’s energy awareness, not my conscious mind. These images often contained many emotions and told many different stories. It was fascinating to watch what arose in each session, coming from different parts of my body.

The images were so compelling that I had an overwhelming urge to draw them as soon as I returned home, using pastels and acrylics. In the process of depicting the images, I began to hear various names that each one wanted to be called.

I continued having Rubenfeld sessions for a year (2007-2008). During each session, I received from two to five new images arising from my body’s inner awareness. Later, images also began to arise in dreams and while meditating.

Finally after a year, I intuitively received the message that the work was complete and that it was now time to learn more about what I had been given. By then I had 64 images.

I was told in a dream to name the set of cards Spirit Doorways.

I have spent the last four years seeking to understand the spiritual and healing messages contained within each image. I’ve had them printed as a set of cards and individually as giclee prints. The framed prints seem to activate the energy wherever they are placed in a room. I have also meditated with the images daily, taken voluminous notes, and shared them with family and friends around the world.

My Healing Journey Today

This Art of Healing journey has been both amazing and frustrating. I have been led (blindly at times) to take one step after another, often having no idea where I was going or what the purpose of it all was. Sometimes I’ve felt lost and confused but more often I’ve experienced sudden clarity and joy. Joy in feeling my energies opening and beginning to flow more freely. And above all, joy in expressing my creativity and awakening new talents and abilities that I never knew that I had.

Today certain of my physical symptoms have disappeared such as problems with my eyesight and cold feet. Others continue to challenge me such as the dropped foot and numbness in my legs. So there is still more to do on my healing journey but I feel really good about the great strides that have already been made.

The Gift of MS

At heart, though, MS is one of the most valuable gifts I have ever been given. Dealing with its many challenges has forced me to make needed changes that I otherwise never would have made. Changing the energies within my body through meditation and body energy awareness techniques has awakened many new talents (most recently I have begun to design and make beautiful beaded necklaces and earrings), and opened the door to many new possibilities. Above all, it has deepened my connection with Spirit and begun to free the Divine within me.

My intention for this blog is to share my story with you, to share what I am experiencing and learning on this Art of Healing journey. Hopefully, my story will connect with and inspire you. I would love to hear your story in return.

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